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The Plastics and Chemical Industry Association (PACIA) was formed in 1994 through the amalgamation of the Plastics Industry Association (PIA), and the Australian Chemical Industry Council (ACIC) and the Chemical Importers and Exporters Council of Australia (CIECA). The Adhesives and Sealants Manufacturers Association of Australia (ASMAA) became part of PACIA in 1996.

PACIA is a large and unified association and has the strength to fully represent the combined interests of the chemical and plastics industries. The association has a strong voice in influencing government policy and takes a pro-active role in the public debate on a wide range of issues.

Core activities include Commercial Affairs, Public Affairs and Government Relations, and Health Safety and Environment. Special interest groups are encouraged to form working groups on issues relevant to their needs.

PACIA consists of more than 500 member companies both large and small representing more than 80% of the turnover of the plastics and chemical industries. Its vision is to have plastics and chemicals recognised as essential industries which improve the quality of life for the community.

PACIA is recognised by government as Australia’s most representative plastics and chemical industry association in Australia. This gives it a favourable position when providing representation to all levels of Government and other relevant authorities on a range of key issues including economic, environmental, training, occupational health and safety.

PACIA works to improve the image of plastics and chemicals and safeguard the industry’s long term future with programs aimed at key audiences and opinion leaders in the media, environment and consumer groups, teachers and students.


PACIA represents Australian:

• manufacturers of chemicals, petrochemicals and resins

• importers and distributors of chemicals and chemical products

• manufacturers and distributors of adhesives and sealants

• plastics processors

• manufacturers of plastics products


PACIA Activities include:

• Advocacy and lobbying to secure favourable outcomes on issues affecting the plastics and chemicals industries

Assisting in performance improvement by members through training programs, technical seminars and specialist forums and initiatives such as Responsible Care, Plascare and carrier accreditation

Providing information about the plastics and chemicals industries to a wide range of audiences

Representing and promoting the activities of the plastics and chemicals industry to key audiences such as politicians, government officials, the media, educators and community group

• Providing occupational health and safety training for members and non-members

Promoting excellence by its members in the areas of environmental performance, safety and product stewardship

Responding to government and community concerns related to the plastics and chemicals industries, coordinating industry information and responses, and working for practical outcomes

Raising community awareness and understanding of the role of plastics and chemicals in daily life

• Playing a key role in Australian and international regulatory affairs affecting the plastics and chemicals industries taking the lead in areas such as the National Pollution Inventory, NICNAS (National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme) and anti-dumping legislation

• Coordinating industry responses and recommendations in key regulatory areas

• Promoting safe disposal of plastics and chemical wastes, playing a key role in a number of programs and projects in these areas

• Providing members with a range of social and networking activities such as golf days, dinners and conferences


An organisation which is central to the political and regulatory process for the plastics and chemicals industries;

is valued and trusted by the community;

and membership of which is a commercial imperative for all companies manufacturing, converting or trading chemical and plastic products.



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