Often when we think about document control and ISO9001, we think about policies, procedures and version numbers. In today’s world the most significant documents and data that needs to be controlled is digital data. How often do we see situations where websites aren’t properly backed up along with a lack of clarity regarding who has access to the back end? We commonly hear the vague ‘the IT people control that’. 

Digital data is often the most critical data, when it comes to back ups, redundancy and administration access. The key questions to ask yourself are:

  • What is our digital data? Create a clear parameter of what comprises your digital data. Think websites, software, accounting or images.
  • Where is it located?
  • Who really has access?
  • Is it backed up? Not just is it backed up, but also have we undertaken a restore? Have we tested the back up?

Digital data is the most critical data and is the first place that needs to be addressed when reviewing document control. Digital data includes things such as images, accounting, software and workflow systems. In our technologically advance society, this should be at the forefront of document control in all companies. 

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