What is ISO 27001 Info Sec Certification?

Information security sometimes called InfoSec is the process of safeguarding information from unauthorised access, use, destruction, modification or disclosure. Information Security is an essential component to the successful operation of any organisation.

Organisations hold information about their workers, clients, products, processes and strategy that is important remains secure. This information may be in any media including paper records, electronic files and may be hosted at the organisations premises or elsewhere.

ISO27001:2013 Information technology β€” Security techniques β€” Information security management systems β€” Requirements is an internationally recognised management system specifically tailored towards managing the risks associated with operating a business in the digital age.

The ISO 27001 standard provides a framework for the development of information security management systems. The standards include requirements for the assessment and treatment of information security risks tailored to the needs of the organisation. It’s not all about risk though. The standard also addresses opportunities that may present themselves and provides a mechanism for highlighting and capitalising on these. The requirements of the standard are generic and intended to be applicable to all organisations regardless of the size or what type of business you operate.

Determining the scope of your Information Security Management is an important initial consideration as is gaining a sound understanding of the needs and expectations of your stakeholders.

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