What is AS/NZS 5377 Certification?

AS/NZS 5377 is a management system standard developed by the Australian Government Department of the Environment and the New Zealand Ministry of Environment. The intent of the standard is to provide a uniform approach management of e-waste activities, mostly around safety and environmental concerns.

Compass Assurance has experienced environmentally qualified auditors with a range of experience in e-waste. Certification takes place as a two-step audit process. Our auditor will come to your site and perform a stage 1 audit which looks at your current practices and aligns them with the relevant sections of AS/NZS 5377 which are relevant to your organisation. We provide you with a stage 1 audit report which will identify any ‘gaps’ or nonconformances, areas where you may need to develop either process or documentation in order to meet the requirements of the standard.

When you are ready for stage 2, we will perform a more in-depth audit; which will look at the implementation of your processes in line with the requirements of AS/NZS 5377. Again, we will provide an audit report; which will outline where you meet the standard, and whether there are any areas of your system you need to address in order to fully comply.

Once you are certified, surveillance audits will take place annually, and you will be required to be re-certified in three years.

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