Why do I need ISO 9001 Quality Certification?

So, why would an organisation invest in developing and implementing a Quality Management System?

We get hundreds of enquiries every month from people regarding quality certification. The first question I always ask is “Why on earth would you want to be certified?”

It’s not quite the same as going to the dentist, but who wants to be audited?

About a third laugh, some are taken aback and the rest say “I don’t want to be certified but I have to be.”

So the audit and the certificate are a means to and end. Its part of the process that is required to fulfil a specific requirement……not the end in itself.

The most important reason is it is very likely to help you grow your business. Many tenders, government contracts or supply arrangements require certification to ISO9001. It is either a mandatory requirement or it plays a role in the decision-making process. It may be the very thing that differentiates you from a competitor on a significant bid; open up new markets…..or help you retain a current client.

The second reason is that it provides confidence to stakeholders that you are running a sustainable business. Whether it is investors, partners, clients, workers, interest groups or industry bodies they can take confidence in your processes, systems and management commitments through the transparency of the certification process. Your business has been independently assessed and found to meet or exceed the requirements of the international standard for quality management systems – ISO9001.

The third key reason is that it helps you manage risk and improve. The certification process provides an independent view on your processes and systems. Can’t see the wood for the trees, can’t find the time to stop and really look at how things are working or not working. The audit process will help you identify if there are gaps, opportunities for improvement, inconsistencies or issues within your system that need fixing.

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